Wolf and Wolfdog Rescue

Wolf and Wolfdog Rescue

Wolves have always been an essential part and enduring symbol of the wild nature. While some people are dreaming of seeing them, the breeders have already created hybrids to keep at home and in the backyards. The hybrids of wolves and dogs are called wolfdogs and hardly remind the average pets we used to. Wolfdogs are not those fluffy dogs with bows in their hair. A typical wolfdog contains more percentage of wolfblood than dog blood. That’s what makes it more complicated and unpredictable at the same time.

Wolfdogs have more needs than any other domestic dog. This is the main reason why they can be surrendered or euthanized by people who take them without a proper understanding of the breed.

Today, there are many non-profitable organizations, which do everything they can to prevent wolf and wolfdog haunting and killing. You can be one of them too. How?

How to Save Wolves and Wolfdogs

The most typical trouble a wolfdog can face is being given by its owner as the beauty wears off and the reality of the animal’s needs appears. People don’t realize that a wolfdog is not an exotic pet. It is a half-wild animal which should have its own territory and is hard to train. Wolfdogs are more independent and obstinate than other domesticated pets. A desire to own something unique and different shouldn’t be applied to wild animals anyway.

Talking about wolves, they have met difficulties throughout the history being poisoned, trapped, and shot for the sake of agriculture and housing needs.

So, the problem of wolfdogs and wolves is pretty clear. But what can you do particularly?

  • The first thing you can do is to realize that wolfdogs and wolves are not aggressive in general, In most cases, they avoid being around people. But this doesn’t deny the fact that they are of a wild nature. Thus, they will act as any other non-domestic animal, protecting their territories and showing their character. This concerns more pure wolves and less their hybrids.
  • Spreading the information is the next important thing everyone can do. People should know that wolfdogs are not right for every home and every family. They are not really going to be the house pets. A secure outdoor enclosure is the first thing every wolfdog needs. The second thing the future owner should remember is having a companion for a wolfdog. It is very difficult and trouble making for a wolfdog to live on a big territory alone.
  • Another way to help non-profitable organizations which save and take care of wolfdogs on a daily basis is a donation. You can always find all information on the Internet and provide that kind of support which a certain organization needs. It can be money, food, or visiting those places to spend some time with wolves and wolfdogs.

All of these can save adult wolves and wolfdogs, which become problems for the breeders, who don’t realize that a half-wild animal is never going to be a pet.

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