Wolf as a Home Pet. Advantages and Disadvantages

Wolf as a Home Pet. Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you want to have a wolf as a pet? Is it legal and safe?

In the 21st century, we can clearly claim that it is absolutely possible to have a wolf as a pet in a private house. Not rather a wolf but a dog. Or speaking more precisely, a pet which is half dog and half wolf – a wolfdog.

What is a Wolfdog?

A wolfdog is a mixture of wolf and dog genes. In most cases, it is not a direct mix. A wolfdog is a breed which has been developed and mixed for many years. It is a pet of several generations. Some of the wolfdogs have a higher percentage of wolf blood while others have a higher percentage of dog blood. Everything depends on a concrete pet. Generally, most wolfdogs are several generations removed from their closest pure wolf parents.

Is a Wolfdog a Good Pet?

Today, more and more people are becoming interested in having wolfdogs as their pets. But not everyone

knows that this type of pet is something completely different than a Labrador Retriever or a Bulldog. Yes, there are plenty of reasons to have a wolfdog as your pet friend. But there are very important rules and restrictions which have to be known and stuck to in case of having a wolfdog at home.

Now we’re going to discuss main advantages and disadvantages of getting a wolfdog as a pet. Maybe some of them will help you to realize why a wolfdog is the most complicated and the most dangerous trend as a pet.

Before anything else, we want to highlight that wolf is not considered to be a typical pet like a cat, dog, or parrot.

Advantages of Having a Wolfdog as a Pet

  • Wolfdogs are amazingly beautiful and intelligent.
  • They can be very devoted companions and friends.

Disadvantages of Having a Wolfdog as a Pet

  • Difficult behavior. If you don’t know and don’t understand the behavior of a wolfdog, it can be potentially dangerous.
  • Huge territories. Wolfdogs are very active and athletic. They require large territories and secure outdoor containment to spend most of the time. They need long walks and a lot of exercises literally every day.
  • Chaos inside the house. Wolfdogs can be very destructive being in the house. They can scratch your furniture, open all the drawers and cabinets, taking everything out. However, all wolfdogs definitely prefer being outside.
  • Training. Wolfdogs are those types of pets who need to be trained. You should be ready to put a lot of time into training them.
  • And the last but not the least, wolfdogs need a special diet, which is much more expensive than a diet of an average pet.

If you still want to have a so-called «wolf pet» at home, we recommend getting someone more domesticated like Siberian Husky, Swedish Vallhund, Utonagan, or Canadian Eskimo. They look like wolves, being a little bit smaller and more domesticated for living in a house.

You should remember that wolves are not pets!

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  1. Interesting… Thanks!
    Can they be kept in an apartment in the city? Or do they need a lot of space?

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