The National Wolfdog Alliance (NWA)

Have you ever heard of a wolfdog? And have you ever seen one? Probably, yes.

The tendency of having a wolfdog as a pet has been growing for the last several years. More and more people want to stand out from the crowd by having exotic animals at home. Wolfdog is one of those animals. Is it legal? Unfortunately, in some countries and U.S. states, it is completely legal. Is it an act of humanity? Not always.

A Pet or an Animal?

The problem is that there is much speculation that a wolfdog is a pet. Everything is quite the

contrary. Wolfdogs have never been domesticated animals like cats or dogs. Their genes are half of a dog and half of a wolf, with their wild features standing out. Wolfdogs differ from simple pets in everything – from their measurements to their temperament. Even when they are not aggressive, they can be potentially dangerous if keeping under inappropriate conditions. So, it is very important to control the breeding and owning of wolfdogs in households to keep both people and animals safe. This is done by the help of the official state departments and legislation and non-profitable volunteer organizations.

Affiliate programs that pay per lead


NWA is the National Wolfdog Alliance, which is a non-profitable organization. It helps to control and solve the problem around the wolfdog owning situation in the country. NWA exists due to the help of donations from maecenas and simple people. Anyone who wants to help the organization can donate money via a credit card. Even a dollar can help NWA exist and continue its activity.

Due to the National Wolfdog Alliance possessing, importing, exporting, and assisting in importing and exporting a wolfdog is not allowed in the following states until a person has a possession by the department: Alaska, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, etc. BUT! Each state has its own regulations concerning Wild Nature inhabitants, and wolf and wolfdogs particularly. This means you need to study a legislation of that state which you’re living in. Even if the rules may seem to be the same, some nuances can drastically differ. In Canada, there are 4 provinces which strictly forbid breeding and keeping wolfdogs as domesticated pets. They are Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Everything is different from state to state and from county to county.

Reasons NWA and Other Organizations Forbid Wolfdogs

As we have already mentioned a wolfdog is not an average pet. The main problem is that people

buy wolfdogs not understanding what they really are. Those people don’t do the research. Having a wolfdog is a full-time job. Most people realize this only when a wolfdog becomes bigger and older. A statistic shows that almost 65% of all bought wolfdogs end up in a rescue or are euthanized by the age of three. And that should be changed.

All in all, having a wolfdog is more like having a wolf than having a dog.